Door to Door Delivery

This is a convenient door to door delivery of LPG to homes, institutions and commercial facilities. Upon request through a direct call, social media or the webpage, a filled cylinder will be delivered either instantly or scheduled at your door step.

With the refill service, the cylinder would be picked up and refilled and delivered very fast within a convenient time.
The company will also ensure safety in the usage of LPG in the kitchen for free when the cylinder is delivered. Same delivery charges apply for both services.
The empty cylinder would be maintained and filled to await another swap service, if the L-SWAP is used. This would prevent carrying cylinders over long distances in search of a gas sales point where your cylinder may not be checked and maintained for a safe use.
L-Swap provides accessibility and employment. We seek to reach every rural community to provide education on energy options available in Ghana and the positive decision of choosing LPG over firewood and charcoal. With the help of the Laurel safety cart, L-Swap would be available everywhere in a safer and convenient manner, using our last mile delivery through the Laurel proprietary mobile application.


LPG is an acronym for Liquified Petroleum Gas which is energy stored under pressure in cylinders. LPG is a modern superior alternative to firewood and charcoal and is safe, clean, fast and portable.

Usually leaks are characterized by the presence of strong irritating smell.Please  do not try to repair it. Any attempts may cause serious harm. Disconnect all gas appliances and switch off your electricity supply. Open all windows to allow the gas to disseminate. Give us a call to check your installation and fix the problem for you.


We ensure quick delivery and safety installations

LPG-gas L-Swap & L-REFILL