This is a safe way to site gas cylinders in a safe way at your location by expert engineers. The service ranges from simple gas set up in the kitchen to restaurant large-scale kitchen gas setup and industrial gas setup.

For households, we offer simple gas cylinder connections from outside to the kitchen appliances. The cylinder is placed safely in a cage and all gas hoses are covered and sealed away from rain and sunshine that would deteriorate it.
There is an added improved modern changeover technology to conveniently switch from an empty cylinder to a filled cylinder. We have selected regulator models to help you to monitor gas usage level and automatic shut off during increased valve pressure and fire.

Businesses and planned communities can have access to a metered gas delivery system to record gas usage and regulate gas pressure.


LPG is an acronym for Liquified Petroleum Gas which is energy stored under pressure in cylinders. LPG is a modern superior alternative to firewood and charcoal and is safe, clean, fast and portable.
Usually leaks are characterized by the presence of strong irritating smell.Please  do not try to repair it. Any attempts may cause serious harm. Disconnect all gas appliances and switch off your electricity supply. Open all windows to allow the gas to disseminate. Give us a call to check your installation and fix the problem for you.
We ensure quick delivery and safety installations